Somebody left the tap running on Canada’s cannabis drinks scene and now the market is overflowing with options. Don’t stress. You will not need a mop for cleanup—a chilled glass will do. Because this is not a complaint, but a celebration.

Not only has Canada’s legal cannabis 2.0 produced some delicious bevies, but it’s also providing an accessible new route to legal cannabis enjoyment for those reluctant to chow down on an infused gummy or light a pre-roll. We get it, you’ve been mis-dosed before.  

Unlike the brownies your roommate poisoned you with in college, the legal cannabis drinks available in Canada tend to onset quicker, hit lighter, and not last as long as edibles do. Or, as one of Complex’s greener editors says, “They make me feel nice and buzzed without launching me into an anxiety spiral.” 

Looking at the legal max of 10 mg of THC per can, some heavier cannabis users might be tempted to write all beverages off as useless or ineffective, but we’d encourage you to sip before you dip, regardless of how much weed you consume in other forms. You might be surprised by how far 10 mg, or even 2.5 mg, of THC or CBD will take you. And besides, they’re delicious and unique, with cannabis’ many terpene profiles being brought to the forefront in liquid form for the first time.  

Here are the best cannabis drinks in Canada right now.