Released: 1991
Fun Fact: Tecmo Super Bowl is one of the most frequently hacked cartridges for the NES.
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Tecmo Super Bowl was the premiere football game on the NES. This time Tecmo had the licensing rights to both the team names and the player names.

The length of a season in Tecmo Super Bowl was brought into line with the proper number of games in an NFL season. The number of plays was also greatly expanded, including playbooks that players could edit. Stats were also tracked. Players could choose to play preseason games, a full regular season, or a Pro Bowl game which allowed them to use players from all the various teams in one half of the league.

The game was still arcade style versus simulation, but the added authenticity as a result of all these changes more than made up for any lack of realistic play, and increased the illusion that NES gamers were playing “real football.” Tecmo Super Bowl remains a cult classic to this very day.