Released: 1990
Fun Fact: The game was named after the two snakes in the co-op mode: Rattle and Roll.
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Snake Rattle N' Roll was clearly influenced by Marble Madness. Developer Rare took the same isometric viewpoint and applied their penchant for quality art and animation to create a new sort of puzzle/navigation challenge.

Players started off as just a head and had to grow a body for their snake by eating food pellets spread throughout the level. Getting struck by an enemy knocked a segment off the snake's body, and the player died if they got hit while their snake had no segments at all. The snake moved similarly to how the marble did in Marble Madness, but movement was much more free in Snake Rattle N' Roll, with lots of jumping and warp portals thrown into the mix.

When the snake was heavy enough due to having many segments, the player had to maneuver it onto a weighing scale to open a door to the next level. In the co-op mode two players could cooperate together to weigh down the scale enough to move on.

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