Released: 1990
Fun Fact: Based on a comedic Belgian comic series named Les Tuniques Bleues (The Bluecoats.)
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North & South was one of the few strategy games available on the NES, and mixed boardgame-like turn-based play with something akin to modern real-time strategy games. Players could choose to play from the start of the Civil War, pick up the conflict right in the middle, or skip to the end for a faster opportunity to rewrite history.

The board game portion was pretty basic. Players gathered resources by controlling railway lines, and used the money to purchase new armies. Territories were taken by moving armies over the space. Blank territories switched sides immediately, but if the enemy had an army there, the game switched over to the RTS battle screen.

Battles involved switching between control of shooting cannons, running cavalry over enemy units, and moving and shooting with infantry in a rock, paper, scissors-like tactical challenge. Minigames like robbing trains played out as side-scrollers to add more action into the mix.

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