Released: 1987
Fun Fact: Mega Man was colored blue because the NES had more shades of blue than any other color, so making the hero blue allowed programmers to present him in more detail.
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Mega Man was a story about the genius Dr. Wright and his assistant Dr. Wily. The two men created a humanoid robot named Mega Man and six specialized robots for industrial construction purposes in the city of Monsteropolis. When Dr. Wily reprograms the specialized robots into Robot Masters to take over the world, Dr. Wright sends Mega Man to defeat them.

Mega Man was an action platformer. Players had to run, jump, and shoot their way through six stages to face a Robot Master at the end of each. When each Robot Master was killed, his special weapon would be added to Mega Man's arsenal. The player could tackle the six stages in any order, and then fought all the Robot Masters once more in a seventh stage before defeating Dr. Wily and winning the game.

Mega Man suffered from some of the worst North American cover art in the history of the NES. Series co-creator Keiji Inafune laid the lack of commercial success of Mega Man in no small part on just how bad the box art was, because the game itself was well-received by critics even though it was extremely difficult and shorter than other games at the time.