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The $100 million misinformation machine continues this month with the latest comments from podcast personality Joe Rogan.

During a recent episode of his Spotify-housed podcast, the comedian and choo-choo train cosplayer railed against vaccine passports before turning his attention to the increasing tensions between vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans. 

Rogan, to whom Dr. Fauci previously advised no one should listen to, questioned the blaming of anti-vaxxers and erroneously contextualized a 2015 vaccine study as showing that COVID-19 inoculations could cause detrimental virus mutations. This, of course, is not accurate.

“Here’s one important quote,” Rogan said on his podcast, as seen below. “‘Vaccines that keep the host alive but still allow transmission can thus allow virulent strains to circulate in a population.’ So, vaccines that don’t kill the virus. … can possibly lead to more potent viruses.”

Sunday, Andrew Read—the lead scientist and author of the study Rogan was referencing—spoke out against these comments.