You may have heard of the group of QAnon supporters who traveled to Dallas earlier this month to witness John F. Kennedy Jr. come back to life. But as a new story from Vice points out, something far more sinister may be at play.

Conspiracy theorist Michael Brian Protzman convinced a small faction of people that JFK Jr.—who died in a plane crash in July of 1999—would be resurrected to make Donald Trump president once more. Those who followed Protzman to Texas believed that the son of JFK was working in the “deep state” all this time. Needless to say, they were disappointed when that didn’t happen. But many have stayed in Dallas, and according to Vice’s report, cult experts are concerned about the diretion of the group.

In the piece, nurse Katy Garner explains that her sister has cut off nearly all communication with her family, including her three kids, after driving to Dallas earlier this month. 

“She left her children for this and doesn’t even care,” Garner said. “She is missing birthdays and holidays for this. She truly believes this is all real and we are the crazy ones for trying to get her to come home. But she won’t,” Garner said. “I don’t believe she will ever come back from this. We are in mourning.”

Garner added that her sister also donated about $200,000 to the group and has been forced to drink a hydrogen peroxide solution and take “bio pellets” to steer clear of COVID-19. Protzman reportedly convinced his followers that something would happen in Dallas if they were to wait long enough. He has also spoken in video messages about the need to “experience death in order to learn the truth.”

“The moment when the leaders of a cultic group start talking about the need for physical death to reach utopia is the moment to get the authorities involved,” Mike Rothschild, the author of QAnon book The Storm Is Upon Us, tweeted.

A Dallas Police Department spokesperson told Vice that “the department has limited contact with the group,” and that “at this time there is no significant reason this group should be a cause of concern.”