Police say a Florida mom was likely having a violent mental health episode when she stabbed her husband and teenage child while also submerging her infant daughter in a bathtub during what she believed to be a baptism attempt.

Law enforcement sources that spoke to The Miami Herald say that she was screaming about Jesus and how COVID-19 was coming to kill her family while trying to perform the act. Though they have not publicly revealed the cause of death, the infant died during the incident. 

Police think the woman stabbed her husband as he attempted to intervene. During the same event her teenage daughter was also stabbed. 

Her 15-month-old girl daughter was rushed to the hospital, but staff were unable to revive her. 

When police arrived to the family’s home they found the husband with stab wounds on the front lawn. The woman was inside with what authorities believe were self-inflicted stab wounds. 

The couple had four other children, all younger than the age of 11. They escaped, physically unharmed, to a neighbor’s home. 

The names of the husband, daughter, and woman have not been released. 

All three of them remain in the hospital. 

Charges have yet to be filed. 

A Miami-Dade Police Detective who spoke to the Herald said that they are “waiting for them to be medically released.”