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An Ohio woman was arrested over the weekend after she pulled a female driver from another car and beat her with a hammer in front of her twin children before allegedly stealing her keys and bragging about the whole ordeal on Facebook, WKRN reports.  

Youngstown Police responded to a call early Saturday afternoon regarding a road rage incident involving an unidentified woman who was forced to stop her car when Jamela Chatman, 27, allegedly cut her off. According to police reports, Chatman pulled the victim out of her vehicle, and started punching and beating her with a hammer, while her 5-year-old twins were sitting in the backseat.

A passenger in Chatman’s car tried to take the victim’s twins out of the car while this was all going down, but later told investigators that she was trying to get them out of harm’s way. 

Before fleeing the scene, Chatman took the victim’s keys. When authorities arrived, a woman who was tending to the victim showed them video of Chatman on Facebook Live threatening the woman and bragging about swiping her keys. The victim sustained cuts to her scalp and arms, but declined medical attention.  

Police later cuffed Chatman at her home where they found the hammer, but were unable to locate the keys. It’s unclear what motivated her to get out of her car, and attack the other woman.

Chatman has been charged with felonious assault and aggravated burglary. She was being held on $19,000 bond and scheduled to be arraigned on Monday.