A New Orleans street performer who dresses up in a Chewbacca outfit is wanted by the police after he allegedly stabbed somebody with a knife in the city’s usually-tourist-friendly French Quarter this past Saturday, April 24.

Police say that on that date, just before 9 p.m., the person who dons the outfit of the massive Star Wars character got into an argument with someone else that concluded with that person getting stabbed. The altercation took place on the 700 block of Toulouse Street.

Police did not release information on the victim’s condition, according to WWLTV. 

The perpetrator’s identity remains a mystery. 

A witness of the crime said that, during the fight between the two, the costume had its head come off, giving police an idea (albeit a still pretty vague one) of whom to look for. The stabber is believed to be a Black male in his 20s. 

Due to the limited information they have regarding the alleged crime, police are asking for tips.