A Las Vegas mother has claimed that a substitute teacher at the Reedom Elementary School in Mountain’s Edge taped face masks to children’s faces, and says that she should resign. 

“I was furious, furious. I was scared for my son on what kind of long-term effect it is going to have on him socially, the fact that the entire class was laughing,” she told FOX5 Vegas. The mom, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, says that her 9-year-old son stood up to get a sip of water and forgot to put his mask on. “The teacher did not tell him to put it back on or send him to the office,” the mom said. “She instead pulled him up in front of the classroom in front of all of the students and she then taped the mask across the top of his face.”

She said the substitute teacher even added a second layer of tape from his nose to his forehead. The 9-year-old then went to the office to pick up homework that his dad had dropped off for him. “When he went to the office to pick up that homework is when one of the administrators noticed the tape on his face,” the mom explained. The administrator removed the tape off the child, and alerted the principal who went to the classroom to evaluate the situation.

When the mom later asked her son if the teacher in question had taped anyone else’s masks on, he said that “he remembers up to five” students who experienced the same punishment he did. “He was very upset. He was crying. He was humiliated,” the mom continued.

She added that she isn’t against the school’s mask mandate, but that “corporal punishment in schools should not be happening.” In response to the situation, the Clark County School District issued a statement that said they are dealing with the teacher themselves.

“The district is aware of the isolated incident and is dealing with the employee through the proper channels,” the statement read. “The principal proactively notified the family of the investigation.”

The mom has since filed a police report, and is considering sending her kid to a different school.