Florida Police are actively searching for a group of teenagers who broke into an $8 million home to throw a party that they later posted evidence of on social media.

As News4Jax reports, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office has shared videos that show the “open house party” the teens illegally hosted in the home without the owner’s knowledge. Approximately 200 people attended the party, and videos shared feature the teens listening to music, posing with high-value items, and even throwing a boxing match.

“Early Saturday morning, Walton County Sheriff's Office was called out to Blackwater Street in Watercolor by Security for a noise complaint. When deputies arrived, as you can imagine, most of the people at the party had left the scene," reads the Facebook post from the Walton County Sheriff's Office. "Since then, videos are circulating on Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms with some of the highlights. Including where some of the people attending turn the foyer of the $8 million home into a boxing ring."

Items were reportedly stolen from the home during the party, and some damage was sustained. Police have asked for any information regarding the party-goers, while also warning that officers could subpoena Snapchat to find out the identities of those who were in attendance. The owners of the home said that they plan to pursue civil suits and criminal charges against everyone who attended the illegal party. 

“It’s not even so much about the items at this point, about what was stolen, or what was destroyed, it’s about people going into your closet and trying on your clothes, and people being in your bathroom, in your bed, all of that,” officer Corey Dobridnia told WJHG. "There is a chance that some of the kids didn’t know that the house wasn’t being rented, etc. but the amount of destruction and the amount of items stolen out of the house would lead me to believe that even if you did think you had permission to be there, you knew you were doing things that is against the law."