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Three Florida students have been arrested after they allegedly plotted to set their school on fire in an attempt to kill people they felt were “rude.”

As NBC-2 reported, Six Mile Charter Academy students Omnia Mahgoub, Tristan Carrasquillo, and Isabella Brainard were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit a first-degree felony. The three 11-year-old students were arrested last week after the school alerted the Lee County Sheriff’s Office regarding the possible threat.

The three of them supposedly planned to set fire to the female restroom on the second floor as the school was open, with the intention to burn down the entire floor. One of the three individuals had a lighter in their backpack when they were apprehended by authorities. In a written statement, Mahgoub said they wanted to burn the school so that the “rude people would die in the fire.” She allegedly planned to run to report the fire after committing the arson, in order for the younger children to be evacuated.

Their plot was first discovered after another student overheard them talking about what they hoped to do, as well noticing that Mahgoub was in possession of a lighter. Another witness noted that Carrasquillo said he was going to make sure they had plenty of paper to start the fire, while all three of them had “2:30” written on their hands to indicate when they planned to commit the arson.