A man ended up stealing two cop cars during a police chase in Volusia County, Florida.

CBS Miami reports that the man led the Cocoa police on a chase down I-95, with officials saying the incident began when there was a report of a suspicious person on the highway. That’s when the man got into the patrol car and drove away.

While an officer was in pursuit of the suspect, the officer attempted a pit maneuver and hit the stolen cruiser into the woods. Though it crashed, the suspect was able to jump out of the car and into another police vehicle that was unlocked and running. He then took off again.

“The suspect and the vehicle were in the wooded area just off the highway. As officers attempted to take the suspect into custody, he fled, jumped into another Cocoa patrol vehicle, and continued north,” the Cocoa police department said in a statement.

Multiple agencies were then in pursuit of the man as he drove north on I-95, with officers using stop sticks to force him off the road once again. The attempt was successful, with the stolen vehicle running off the road and into the median. The suspect was arrested; officers are now trying to figure out what to charge him with. The highway was subject to a short closure following the chase.