After an eight-year-old girl was shot and killed following a football game in Pennsylvania, a District Attorney has shared that there’s a “high probability” that the bullet that hit her was from a police officer’s weapon. 

The girl, Fanta Bility, was shot before 9 p.m. at an Aug. 27 Academy Park High School game, when gunfire broke out as 100 to 200 people were leaving the game.

In a Thursday statement, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer wrote that Sharon Hill police officers may be responsible for the alleged responsive gunfire that struck four people, including the eight-year-old and her sister, after gunfire was reportedly aimed toward the officers’ direction, CBS 3 shares.

At the game, the “gunfire included a shot in the direction of three Sharon Hill police officers monitoring the crowd exiting the football stadium, which struck and injured a civilian,” the DA wrote. “In response to the gunfire, the police officers discharged their service weapons.” 

According to ABC 6, Sharon Hill Police are currently cooperating with the DA’s investigation, as family attorney Bruce Castor says that the “vast majority” of the reported 25 shots fired were from police. “The person who was involved in firing those shots and setting this off could face second-degree murder charges,” Castor said.

Stollsteimer plans to have his office conduct a full investigation, as the police officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.