Air conditioning at this time of year is pretty important, but for those in Death Valley, CA, it’s crucial after a record heatwave in the western desert region. 

On Friday, Death Valley recorded its highest temperature reading of 2021 and the reported second-highest temperature ever recorded on earth, clocking in at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The number, according to the National Weather Service Prediction Center, ties the last 130-degree day in 2020 in the area as the hottest day recorded since 1913 there, with Death Valley’s hottest day ever still reportedly being 134 degrees. 

Some, like Weather Underground founder Dr. Jeff Masters, speculated that this 130-degree day could be the hottest temperature ever reliably measured on Earth, sharing that the 2020 day clocked in at 129.9 degrees. The 134-degree day in 1913, many dispute, may not have been possible as they blame inexperienced people taking the temp, according to KXAN

Grand Junction, Colorado also beat its own heat record last week, with temps hitting 107 degrees for the first time ever. The Canadian national temp record was also set in Lytton, Canada at 121 degrees.