Far-right political pundit Candace Owens has been hit with a $20 million defamation lawsuit by former Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik⁠, who claims Owens smeared her.

Klacik⁠ is a fellow conservative commentator who went viral for her “Black people don’t have to vote Democrat” campaign for the late Rep. Elijah Cumming’s congressional seat last year⁠. Per the Baltimore Sun, she’s seeking $20 million in damages from Owens because the latter reportedly made untrue allegations about Klacik, which resulted in the loss of a book deal.

Klacik is accusing Owens of “falsely” saying she was a “madame” of a strip club prior to her political career. “Baseless character assassination has no place in political dialogue‚” said Klacik’s attorney Jacob Frenkel. “The defendant chose to use her huge social media platform to attack a respected Baltimore political figure; we are using the proper forum—the power of the courts—to respond. The detail in Ms. Klacik’s lawsuit speaks for itself.”

The lawsuit was filed in Baltimore County Circuit Court and relates to a video Owens posted in June 2021. In the clip, Owens said Klacik was involved in “money laundering, tax fraud and campaign fraud,” and had paid vendors to “move money off the books.” She also said Klacik used to recruit strippers for a strip club owned by Klacik’s husband, although Owens admitted she is “not an investigative journalist” and “could not confirm” any of the claims.

Retweeting an article about the suit on Wednesday, Owens wrote, “LOLLL 😂😂 Kimberly Klacik is a former stripper fraud who has me blocked on EVERY social media account since I exposed her shady FEC filing” and insisted “every person who gave to her campaign should demand answers about where her money went.”