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Gunfire broke out at an Arizona Amtrak station on a train that was en route to New Orleans from Los Angeles when Drug Enforcement Administration agents were doing a routine check for illegal guns, drugs, money, and other items when they approached two individuals and one began shooting.

According to NBC News, the incident left one DEA agent dead along with the suspect who began shooting. Two other law enforcement officers were injured. Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus spoke to the press on Monday to explain the situation.

“The suspect, after exchanging rounds with the officers, barricaded himself in the bathroom, which is on the lower level. … Ultimately it was determined that the suspect in the bathroom was, in fact, deceased,” Magnus said.

Anne Milgram, the administrator for the DEA, also released statement regarding the shooting.

“Tragically, this morning, two DEA special agents and a DEA task force officer from the Tucson Police Department were shot during a law enforcement operation in Tucson, Arizona,” Milgram said. “One DEA special agent died as a result of injuries sustained during the shooting. A second DEA special agent is in critical condition. The DEA task force officer is in stable condition. We at the DEA are heartbroken by today’s events and ask that you keep the families of the agents and task force officer in your thoughts and prayers.”

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey also expressed his condolences for the slain agent in a tweet on Monday.

The second suspect is in police custody, while Amtrak works with local and federal authorities to piece together the rest of the case. None of the other passengers or Amtrak workers were injured in the shooting.