'Fire and Fury' Author Says Donald Trump May Be Having an Affair in the White House

Michael Wolff left out one major story in his book on Trump.

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Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump's White House is a tell-all book about Donald Trump and his administration, but Wolff recently revealed that there's at least one major thing that he left out of the book.

During an interview on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Wolff hinted that Trump may be having an ongoing affair with a woman while in the White House. Unfortunately, he didn't have "the ultimate proof" to include it in the book even though he was "absolutely sure" of it. "I didn’t have the blue dress," he continued, alluding to the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Although Wolff doesn't namedrop the anonymous woman, he said that if you "read between the lines," the clues are all there toward the end of the book. "When you hit that paragraph you’re going to say, ‘bingo,'" he explained. Wolff's comments begin at the 0:55 mark.

Of course, Twitter went into a frenzy as people tried to unravel the mystery. Some think the anonymous woman may be United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley or White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.

As for everything else in the book, Wolff says that it's absolutely true and warned Americans to take his book seriously despite Trump's adamant defense that it's all false. The recently released Fire and Fury is on its way to selling 1.75 million copies, which is higher than what Trump's The Art of The Deal sold in 30 years. Fire and Furyis also set to be adapted into a TV series.

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