Trump Says He Doesn't Know 'Apprentice' Alum Lil Jon During Hostile Press Conference

Trump was lost deep in a dictator fantasy during his press conference Wednesday. In the future, let's ignore these idiot parades entirely.


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At this point, no one should bother covering these purported Trump "press conferences." Instead of lining up like lemmings to beg for the chance at a question the racist conspiracy theory peddler will either dodge or ignore entirely, why aren't White House reporters banding together and walking right the fuck out of these conferences, leaving the human Filet-O-Fish alone with his delusions?

At any rate, I've been assigned to cobble together at least 250 words on the one that went down Wednesday, just one day removed from the midterm elections in which Democrats secured the House and Republican cowardice held onto the Senate. Most notable, of course, is the moment wherein Trump berated CNN's Jim Acosta for simply daring to ask a question to which he couldn't simply respond with inane rambling to pump up his base cult members.

After Acosta called out Trump for demonizing immigrants, Trump said a bunch of hyperaggressive shit not worth repeating before telling Acosta "that's enough." When Acosta came back with an inquiry on the Russia investigation, Trump repeated himself, then said "Put down the mic." Trump further attacked Acosta by calling him a "rude, terrible person" who "shouldn't be working for CNN."

Here's footage of the moment; watch the aide attempt to yank the mic from Acosta's hand.

CNN promptly issued a statement on Trump's attack, calling it "dangerous" and reminding the failed steak salesman of his sworn obligation to protecting the free press.

Elsewhere during the shitshow, Trump incorrectly labeled a question about white nationalism "racist," said his tax returns were too "complex" for people to understand, told multiple reporters with accents that he couldn't understand them, and pretended to not know who Lil Jon is.

For the record, here's a photo of Trump and Lil Jon, who has appeared on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, standing side by side:

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