Songs in opposition to that vat of preposterous idiocracy that's currently trying to convince us it's a presidency are always welcomed. This week, we're getting one from Ice Cube.

Tuesday, the same day as midterm elections, Cube teased a new song from his upcoming Everythang's Corrupt album titled "Arrest the President." Over a montage-style video showing Trump and related garbage, Cube raps the purported POTUS should be arrested because "you got the evidence." Trump, he adds, "is Russian intelligence."

When sharing the teaser, Cube said the "cuffs are ready." The full song drops Friday.

The long-delayed Everythang's Corrupt, Cube's first new solo studio album since 2010's I Am the West, is expected in December. Explaining his decision to go with the Everythang's Corrupt title in an interview with AllHipHop years ago, Cube explained that the meaning is quite literal. "I mean that's just the title of what I'm talking about on the record," he said back in 2016, three years after a track of the same name was released. 'That we have to look at everything because everything is corrupt, and it's a shame."

In April, Cube's Big3 basketball league took out a full-page New York Times ad pushing back against Trump. "Hey President Trump," the ad said. "When you meet today with (Vladimir) Putin's new friend, the Emir of Qatar, please tell him not to threaten the BIG3 and American athletes!"