Trill or Not Trill and Create Labs Introduce A.I. Woman of Color for Education Workshops

C.L.Ai.R.A. is part of a "multi-dimensional" partnership between Trill or Not Trill and Create Labs. She boasts the "sharpest brain in the A.I. world."

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C.L.Ai.R.A., an artificial intelligence woman of color designed for use in educational workshops, recently made her formal debut.

The A.I. woman of color is the result of what’s described as a “multi-dimensional” collaboration between the Black-owned Trill or Not Trill leadership institute and Create Labs Ventures. C.L.Ai.R.A.—as detailed in a recent press release—is “an Afro-Latina, bilingual, A.I. considered to have the sharpest brain in the A.I. world.” She’s powered using an autoregressive language model that utilizes deep learning in pursuit of more human-esque interactions.


“We are beyond excited to introduce your students to C.L.Ai.R.A.,” Trill or Not Trill co-founder Jeff Dess said in a statement shared with Complex. “This next level partnership with Create Labs offers us a game-changing way to enhance the educational experience and provide access for students of all types. Particularly as an A.I woman of color, C.L.Ai.R.A embodies the Trill or Not Trill initiative to represent an often unseen narrative and provide the ability to reach voices often left out of particular spaces.”

Current plans are for C.L.Ai.R.A. to make appearances in workshops and at various university speaking events as part of Trill or Not Trill’s years-long efforts of aiming to inspire students. More specifically, the team is said to be aiming to bring C.L.Ai.R.A. into a selection of schools this year. Demoing has already started at select universities.


“Technology is an important facet of every part of life, particularly as it continues to evolve at lightning speed,” Lenny Williams, who co-founded Trill or Not Trill with Dess, said. “Working with Create Labs allows Trill or Not Trill to provide expierences that help bridge  the technology opportunity gap by allowing students, particularly underrepresented  students, to see themselves in the future of technology.”

For more on C.L.Ai.R.A., including a mission statement from C.L.Ai.R.A. herself, click here.


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