People Have Beyoncé and Biscuits on the Brain Following Report of Red Lobster Considering Bankruptcy

Sounds like plenty of asses will be taken to Red Lobster after word of a possible Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Red Lobster restaurant sign featuring a lobster graphic and text: "Fresh Fish - Live Lobster."
Image via Getty/Justin Sullivan
Red Lobster restaurant sign featuring a lobster graphic and text: "Fresh Fish - Live Lobster."

Red Lobster, once an approachably priced staple among everyday families, is reportedly considering bankruptcy.

Tuesday, Reshmi Basu, writing for Bloomberg, cited sources as stating that Red Lobster was "mulling a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing" as part of a larger effort to restructure debt. The report notes that the restaurant chain’s struggles are tied, in part, to labor costs and hefty lease agreements. Though no official decision is reported to have been made about next steps, a bankruptcy move would mean that operations could continue while higher-ups tackle the debt issue.

Notably, the news comes after word last month that Jonathan Tibus, described in a Restaurant Dive report as "a restructuring expert" whose previous experience included leading restructuring efforts at Krystal, had been named the new CEO of Red Lobster.

While this week's report of a potential Red Lobster bankruptcy filing does not necessarily mean that fans of the restaurant should expect any imminent closings, longtime appreciators were still quick to kick into biscuit-mourning mode. Naturally, plenty of jokes have also stacked up in connection with Beyoncé's once-ubiquitous "Formation" lyric, "When he fuck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster."

Join in below. As for the biscuit-mourning aspect of all of this, it's worth noting that official Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix is indeed sold at stores like Walmart and Kroger.

Me bidding for the cheddar biscuit formula at Red Lobster’s bankruptcy asset sale

— CJB, Esq. (@CJoeBlack) April 16, 2024

"There was a time when Cheddar Bay Biscuits, like my dreams, were unlimited...." — me muttering, while reading that Red Lobster is bankrupt.

— Jeff Day (@the_jeffday) April 17, 2024

Everyone: Lets go eat unlimited cheddar biscuits and not order anything off the menu.

Red Lobster:

— GeoffinLincoln (@GeoffinLincoln) April 16, 2024

Pour one out for the red lobster fans they’re going through something major.

— Nightskin (@FakeNightskin) April 17, 2024

Red Lobster filing for bankruptcy is crazy them cheddar bay biscuits changed the game fr.

— her ✨ (@stephlova__) April 17, 2024


— Oh Hell Beckham Jr (@DEFinition223) April 17, 2024

turgid Springsteen ballad about trying to hang on to any shred of hope after they closed the biscuit factory in Cheddar Bay

— The Last Fassbinder (@scratchbomb) April 17, 2024

Damn I can help them get rid of their biscuit inventory

— 🐶WOOF CLITZER🐶 (@ESPNFrankie) April 17, 2024

oh lawd somebody save the biscuits

— alana 🦋🤠 (@alanaauston) April 17, 2024

I feel like if Red Lobster goes it will leave a hole in the fabric of space-time. Everything will fall out of balance.

— zay 🍃Kyoshi Thee Stallion 🍃🪨on twittеr (@Indigofro) April 17, 2024

I guess the men ain’t been f***ing nobody good?

— ✨B.K.🧚🏾‍♀️ (@BoycottKey) April 17, 2024

Beyonce gave them free promo and they still fumbled.


— LoLo Vonz (@LoLoVonz) April 17, 2024

Complex has reached out to Red Lobster for comment. This story may be updated, quite possibly while consuming a dozen Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

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