Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Neighbor's Front Porch in Georgia

According to police, the man is now facing a felony charge in connection with taking “a full 8' by 10' porch.”

Video via FOX 5 Atlanta

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Video via FOX 5 Atlanta

A man was recently arrested and hit with a felony charge after allegedly stealing an entire porch in Georgia

Per a report from WAGA-TV, the accused porch thief in question, identified as Arnco resident Robin Swanger, ignored multiple trespassing signs when he entered his neighbor’s property and stole a wooden porch.

Detailing the extent of the alleged theft, an investigator with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office described the item as “a full 8' by 10' porch.” 

According to police, while the property from which Swanger is alleged to have nabbed the structure looks abandoned, that is indeed not the case. In fact, the owner had put up those aforementioned “no trespassing” warnings as part of efforts to keep people off the property.

Complex has reached out to the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office for additional comment. This story may be updated. In addition to the felony charge in connection with the alleged porch grab, Swanger has been charged with a pair of domestic violence-related counts.

Elsewhere in recent theft-based news updates, a since-fired Alabama correctional officer was arrested earlier this month after being accused of stealing Pokémon cards from a local Walmart while still in uniform.

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