MAGA Mob Member Photographed in Speaker Pelosi's Office Arrested in Arkansas and Charged

Richard Barnett, the MAGA cult member in question, has been seen in widely shared photos with his feet up on a desk in Nancy Pelosi's office. He's in jail now.


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Richard Barnett, a MAGA cult member perhaps best known for his participation in the violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol this week, has been arrested and hit with a trio of federal counts.

Per CNN, federal officials said Friday that Barnett (seen in all his grotesquerie in widely shared photos putting his feet up on a desk in what's been reported as Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office) was taken into custody Friday morning in Little Rock, Arkansas and charged with knowingly entering and remaining in restricted building grounds without authority, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and theft of public property. 

In social media posts, Barnett had stated—with the expected amount of delusions of grandeur—he was prepared to die a violent death. He had also criticized Pelosi and expressed allegiance to white nationalism.

Arkansas resident Richard Barnett, who posed sitting at Pelosi's desk, said on social media he was a white nationalist, anyone who wasn't should leave the U.S., and he was prepared to die a violent death. By @jonswaine

— Juliet Eilperin (@eilperin) January 7, 2021

Barnett, as you've surely seen in recent days, openly bragged about—in his words—leaving Pelosi a "nasty note" and putting his feet up on her desk. He made these comments on the day of the Capitol breach, speaking to anyone who would listen outside while his shirt—for reasons not entirely clear—was opened to expose his chest.

In short, the living of a moronic life quite often results in being totally enveloped by the moronicness therein.

Also charged on Friday, according to an NBC News update, was Republican lawmaker Del. Derrick Evans. Evans had recorded a video of himself among the violent swath of delusional MAGA obsessives.

Worth a special mention here is the stated seriousness with which federal agencies are said to be treating the Capitol breach. The FBI, for example, has vowed to track down those involved and is said to be "not sparing any resources" in doing so.

Trump, meanwhile, has predictably adhered to a messaging approach that ignores the main aspect of the D.C. violence: It was his fault.

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