Herman Cain's Twitter Shares Baffling Message Asserting COVID-19 'Not as Deadly' as Officials Say

The Twitter account of Herman Cain, who died from COVID-19 in July, shared a message over the weekend questioning the deadliness of the virus that killed him.


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The Twitter account of Herman Cain, who died from COVID-19 back in July, is peddling coronavirus-downplaying tactics.

A tweet from the @THEHermanCain handle that's receiving particular attention is one dated Aug. 30 that reads, "It looks like the virus is not as deadly as the mainstream media first made it out to be." 

The tweet in question links to an article from Western Journal, a so-called conservative outlet founded by Floyd Brown.

The tweet has since been removed from the account, which now bills itself as "The Cain Gang" and consistently shares pro-Trump messages. A recent tweet, dated Aug. 28, included a sympathetic message for Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse, 17, is facing multiple homicide charges in connection with a shooting incident that occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

As you may recall, Cain's death in July was followed swiftly by a wave of false claims that circulated on Facebook in which it was inaccurately posited by virus conspiracy theorists that the Republican figure had instead died from colon cancer. The actual facts are: Cain was hospitalized nearly two weeks after attending a Trump rally in Oklahoma, with his representatives later confirming on his official website that this hospitalization was for COVID-19.

The CDC has now confirmed nearly 6 million total cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. At least 182,149 people have died.

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