Flaco the Owl Observed Hunting and Eating Prey After Escaping Zoo

Flaco the owl appears to be doing just fine after a vandalized Central Park Zoo exhibit resulted in his escape, initially worrying animal experts.

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Flaco, the headlines-dominating Eurasian eagle owl, has been spotted hunting and eating prey following an escape from the Central Park Zoo.

Earlier this month, Flaco was initially reported as having gone missing from his exhibit after a steel mesh was cut during an alleged vandalization. That was on Feb. 2, with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)—which manages the Central Park Zoo—saying at the time that it was focused on safely recovering the owl.

By Sunday, those recovery efforts were confirmed to have shifted due to Flaco having been seen doing well under the circumstances.

“Several days ago, we observed him successfully hunting, catching and consuming prey,” a WCS rep said over the weekend. “We have seen a rapid improvement in his flight skills and ability to confidently maneuver around the park. A major concern for everyone at the beginning was whether Flaco would be able to hunt and eat; that is no longer a concern.”

For more details on the food-focused factors of Flaco’s freedom, we turn to the New York Times, which reported on Valentine’s Day that the owl had been seen coughing up what was described as “a pellet of animal matter” comprised of “rat fur and bones” over the weekend.

Enjoy the journey, Flaco. That’s the best any of us could ever hope for.

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