Couple Forced to Dig Through Puke and Sh*t After Dog Eats $4,000 in Cash

There is perhaps no greater flex known to man, or canine, than literally eating cash.

a dog is pictured next to partially eaten bills
Images via @ooolalaw on Instagram
a dog is pictured next to partially eaten bills

A dog with decidedly expensive taste has set a new standard for pet-focused virality by snacking on thousands of dollars in cash for no discernible reason.

The dog, identified as a typically well-behaved doodle by the name of Cecil, was initially "fine” after eating an envelope filled with $4,000 last month. In an interview with NBC News this week, Cecil's owners, Clayton and Carrie Law, revealed the curiously consumed cash in question had been set aside for home improvement purposes.

On the day of the fateful feast, per Clayton, he had placed the cash-filled envelope on a countertop while taking care of a few things around the couple’s house. Shortly after, Clayton returned to the area to find Cecil had “mutilated” the bills, not to mention eaten many of them.

That evening, Cecil engaged in a predictable act of profound pukery, thus kicking off the Pennsylvania family’s extensive recovery mission. Naturally, such an endeavor also required the hands-on inspection of Cecil’s fecal matter.

Ultimately, the Laws managed to recover $3,550 thanks to these grueling puke-and-shit excavating experiences. Easing the presumed pain of it all, notably, was the fact that a local bank allowed some partial bills to be exchanged.

As for the remaining scraps of briefly ingested cash, Clayton and Carrie said on Instagram that the goal is to turn them into an art piece.

This legal tender feast was clearly an accident, of course, but it's still worth pointing out that dogs—or humans, for that matter—should not make a habit of chowing down on cold, hard cash. But don't take my word for it:

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