New York Governor Announces Executive Order Allowing Businesses to Deny Entry to People Without Masks

Cuomo enlisted Chris Rock and Rosie Perez to encourage mask-wearing and virus testing. He also announced an executive order aimed at the mask-averse.


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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a special message for the selfish fucks who refuse to simply rock a COVID-19 mask when out in public.

On Thursday, Gov. Cuomo announced he was signing an executive order that authorizes places of businesses to deny entry to maskless individuals. “No mask, no entry,” Cuomo said in a tweeted statement. Earlier this week, he pointed out that frontline health care workers are tasked with wearing the masks for hours at a time, while everyday citizens are only being asked to do so in short increments.

“Health care workers wear masks for 5+ hours non-stop,” he said. “You can wear one for 45 minutes.”

People have a right to jeopardize their own health (I don’t recommend it).

People don’t have a right to jeopardize other people’s health.

— Archive: Governor Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) May 28, 2020

At a press conference on Thursday, Cuomo was joined by Rosie Perez and Chris Rock, who both shared messages promoting use of masks as the COVID-19 era continues.

“I’m proud to be partnering with the governor to make sure that my hometown, my beloved borough of Brooklyn and all of New York’s most impacted communities, have their resources,” Perez said during the presser. “They need to stop the spread of this virus and to help spread the word about what we all have to do to beat this virus. In Brooklyn, there’s a saying ‘Spread love, the Brooklyn way’ . . . [It] means respecting your neighbors, respecting your communities. And the way you can do that is by getting tested, wearing a mask.”

Rock, meanwhile, revealed he was recently tested and also urged for others to do the same.

Thanks @chrisrock for spreading the message to New Yorkers to get tested if you have symptoms or think you have been exposed to COVID. Find a testing site near you:

“I thought I lived in a country and now I realize we have 50 countries, essentially,” he said. “Right now, we’re in the country of New York.” After joking that he “just passed” his test by bagging a 65, Rock continued by looking ahead to returning to live performances in the future, while again driving home the safety guidelines.

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“We haven’t been able to perform or do any shows or anything,” he said. “I’m looking at this microphone and I’m like, wow. Can I just say, ‘Hi, microphone. I’ve really missed you. I know it’s been hard but we’re gonna get back together at some point.’”

Noting the seriousness of the situation, Rock called on those who are able to do so to get tested for the virus.

“People need to get tested and people need to make it a festive occasion . . . If you love your grandmother or your elderly mother, anybody, you should get tested . . . Everybody that can get tested should get tested as soon as possible,” he said.

This week, the total number of deaths from the coronavirus reached 100,000 in the U.S.

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