Alabama Senate Delays Vote on Widely Criticized Abortion Bill After Heated Arguments

Arguments broke out in the Alabama Senate on Thursday, ultimately leading to the bill's vote being tabled despite support from Republicans.


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Alabama, a place known for its oppressive governmental stance on women's rights, is now dealing with a looming bill that would effectively ban abortions in the state.

Thursday, per the Washington Post, the bill "appeared to pass" 23 to 6 in the Alabama Senate before being tabled when a fight erupted as Democratic lawmakers called for a roll-call vote. The catalyst for Thursday's arguing was an amendment in the current version of the bill regarding exceptions for rape and incest cases.

Here's footage:

The ridiculous bill in question, supported by Republicans, would make performing an abortion procedure a felony-punishable offense carrying a sentence of up to 99 years behind bars. Debate on the bill has now been pushed back to next week.

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Also on Thursday, the Alabama Senate "hurriedly" approved a medical marijuana bill 17 to 6. That bill, which includes a two-doctor recommendation caveat, now heads to the House of Representatives.

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