Ottawa Has the Worst Uber Passengers in Canada

Though Ottawa and Toronto topped Uber Canada's list of cities with the worst rider ratings, Montreal, London, and Hamilton also all made the cut.


Image via Getty/Future Publishing


Get ready to buckle up for a wild ride, because Uber Canada has just broken down the five Canadian cities with the worst average rider ratings. Turns out Canada’s capital has even ruder passengers than those in the screwface capital, as Ottawa came in first, with Toronto ranking second.

If you weren’t already privy, Uber passengers are also subject to the company’s five-star rating system. The top five worst cities for Uber drivers were calculated by seeing which cities had the lowest rider ratings on average. While Ottawa and Toronto topped the list, Montreal, London and Hamilton have also been called out for their trash rider etiquette.

The list comes as Uber Canada debuts their in-app Privacy Center, where riders can see how many drivers gave them five stars, and how many gave them… not so great ratings. 

What smaller towns lack in population they make up for in politeness, since there’s not a big city in sight on the list of top five cities with the highest rider ratings.

Uber Canada has also offered insights into how you can ensure a good rating. Fastening your seatbelt, cleaning up after yourself, and not slamming the car door are all good ways to ensure you stay in your driver’s good graces. Apparently, basic human decency can get you a long way!

Considering four of the five cities on the worst rated riders list are in Ontario, maybe the province as a whole should try harder on the manners front.  

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