"Yum Yum!": Jagmeet Singh Shares Epic Pasta Recipe on TikTok

Building on his budding social media fame, the NDP Leader shared his recipe for a simple pasta he calls “creamy buttery garlic parmigiano tagliatelle.

jagmeet singh

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jagmeet singh

It looks like the viral baked feta pasta might have a challenger. Perhaps in celebration of his petition resulting in Canada formally declaring the Proud Boys a terrorist organization earlier this week, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh took to TikTok last night to share his recipe for a simple pasta he calls “creamy buttery garlic parmigiano tagliatelle.”

While looking very tasty, the pasta is also extremely budget-friendly, with the only ingredients being butter, olive oil, parmesan, salt, pepper, chili flakes and parsley. 

“Who doesn’t like watery butter garlic,” said Singh in the comments.

Repeatedly saying “Yum yum!” while cooking his pasta, Singh may have just created a new catch phrase for every Canadian home cook. 

Filmed step-by-step in three 15-second bursts, someone has to tell Jagmeet that it’s possible to set his TikToks for 60 seconds.

Though we’re pleased to see he salts his pasta water (AND adds it at the end), the real question is whether or not he’s browning that butter. 

Singh has become an active TikTok user over the last year. His rendition of the Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” challenge went viral enough that he’s recreated it two times since. 

Blending fun, light-hearted video about his life with education about Canadian politics and NDP standpoints, Singh currently has 4.4 million followers on Tiktok.

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