The Best Canadian Versions of the “Dreams” TikTok Challenge

From NDP leader Jagmeet Singh to Indigenous influencer Notorious Cree, here are the most epic Canadian spins on Doggface208's viral skateboarding video.

canadian remixes of dreams video

Image via TikTok/@marikasila @colewalliser @thejagmeetsingh

canadian remixes of dreams video

Nathan Apodaca wasn’t trying to change the world when he posted that clip to TikTok. He was actually just trying to get to work at the potato factory in Idaho Falls. That he should have a little fun on his longboard, enjoy a sip of that good-good cran-raspberry, and rock out to some Fleetwood Mac along the way seemed only natural. 

But the world was simply too ready for his optimistic commute vibes and had to make him a star. @420doggface208, you are all of us. 

Almost immediately after the post went viral, everyone with a social media account and the ability to balance upright on a wheeled vehicle while also holding a smartphone and a jug of cranberry juice (plus a bunch without those abilities) got in on the trend started by the affable Indigenous “Uncle” from Idaho.  

Here’s the original post on Instagram, in case you’re not up on the TikToks. 

And here's Mick Fleetwood’s version. He gets it. 

In Canada, we had our own unique “Dreams” recreations from politicians, Indigenous artists, rollerblade-and-plaid-wearing stereotype types, and more. Here are some of the most epic:

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh took the sugar-free route with a can of Zevia cola. Bloody commie...

Edmonton's TikTok-famous Indigenous hoop dancer James Jones (a.k.a. @Notoriouscree) got in on the action with a 2L bottle of Pepsi, looking equally at home on the board as Uncle Doggface.

Meanwhile, 16-year-old hoop dancer Theland Kicknosway also switched mediums over to the skateboard in order to catch that cranberry wave.

Ensuring that Singh isn't the only politician on this list, Edmonton-Highland-Norwood MLA Janis Irwin made sure to keep the "Dream" alive for the NDP.

Canadian filmmaker and music video director Cole Walliser also made it look natural.  

Toronto rapper Prince Dice didn’t open his cran-blueberry jug at all, leading us to believe he either didn’t want to spill blue juice in his convertible or he was planning on returning it to the store after filming. Badass move either way.  

Aw, c’mon, Clay, you ruined it! Also, are you OK bro? 

Matt Smith and Canadian Dave both took it out for a rip in that stereotypically Canadian fashion that TikTok seems to love. 


Suit-wearing Calgary realtor Gurmeet Vishram got his lap in before the inevitable Alberta snowfall. 

Wait, is it still peach season in Winnipeg?  

Because it’s clearly denial season in Toronto. Polly want a repeat? 

Meanwhile, comedian Conway Kootenay is holding down the COVID rez security detail—“it’s a Vibe.” 

Also a vibe: boardless, wet, and bad at English lip syncing in Montreal. 

And last but not least, a solid Northern contribution from “Inuit Auntie” Markia Sila up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. 


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