Calgary Has Been Ranked the 'Sexiest City' in Canada

Toronto, meanwhile, has been deemed the eleventh sexiest place, according to adult novelty company Pinkcherry, which also ranked Hamilton ahead of the 6ix.

calgary stampede

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calgary stampede

It’s the perfect time to invest in a pair of cowboy boots, since the Prairies are apparently pretty sexy. Calgary has been ranked as the sexiest city in Canada by PinkCherry, with Edmonton and Winnipeg ranking third and fifth respectively.

While Toronto came in at an ego-killing eleventh place, the adult novelty company has listed other Ontario cities ahead of it, such as Hamilton, London, Brampton, and Ottawa. In an interactive map on their website, PinkCherry measured how sexy cities in Canada are based on the amount of sex toy sales per person. The map also shows what products people in each city are using to get off.

The sale of adult toys has gone up since the beginning of the pandemic, with PinkCherry CEO Daniel Freedman saying that “people have been focused on their overall wellbeing, and sexual health and wellness plays a large role in that.”

Smaller towns weren’t lost on the love, especially those in British Columbia. The province swept the top six in the sexiest towns category, with Colwood, BC being ranked number one.

PinkCherry’s data refers to a city as a place with a population of over 300,000, and over 50,000 for a town.

Here's the ranking of the sexiest cities in Canada:

1. Calgary, Alberta

2. Surrey, British Columbia

3. Edmonton, Alberta

4. Ottawa, Ontario

5. Winnipeg, Manitoba

6. London, Ontario

7. Hamilton, Ontario

8. Brampton, Ontario

9. Halifax, Nova Scotia

10. Victoria, British Columbia

11. Toronto, Ontario

12. Montreal, Quebec

13. Mississauga, Ontario

14. Vaughan, Ontario

15. Kitchener, Ontario

16. Vancouver, British Columbia

17. Markham, Ontario

18. St. Catharines, Ontario

19. Quebec City, Quebec

20. Laval, Quebec

And here's the ranking of the sexiest towns:

1. Colwood, British Columbia

2. Courtenay, British Columbia

3. Prince Rupert, British Columbia

4. Fort St. John, British Columbia

5. Williams Lake, British Columbia

6. Sidney, British Columbia

7. Pembroke, Ontario

8. Saugeen Shores, Ontario

9. Federection, New Brunswick

10. Collingwood, Ontario

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