Ghost Follows Twitter User From NYC to Montana

The internet-famous ghost known as Dear David appears to have used some travel miles for Christmas.

A ghost

Image via Getty/John Greim

A ghost

Over the summer, illustrator Adam Ellis converted his Twitter followers into believers in the supernatural with a story about a ghost known as Dear David. The whole Twitter thread is a wild ride from start to finish and completely worth the read, but to sum it up: Ellis began seeing a boy with a dented head in his dreams, and another dream character informed him that this was "Dear David," who appears every night at midnight. Soon thereafter, his cats began lining up at the door at midnight every night, spooked by something invisible. Then began an increasingly creepy series of events, including dreaming about being dragged by David and waking up with a bruise on his arm, being hit by a small leather shoe outside his apartment, and recording David's favorite rocking chair moving without any prompting. 

You can explain most of this away as coincidence, but Ellis has caught actual footage of this ghost. After setting an app to take photos of him sleeping every 60 seconds, he found this.

And this. 

Like anyone in their right mind would, he got out of his New York City apartment for the holidays, hoping to find some respite in Montana with his family. Unfortunately for him, Dear David seems to be a mobile ghost. For two nights in a row, he heard something outside his window. On the second night, he saw something move across the ground. The next day, there were small footprints in the snow. 

After he returned home resigned to a life with this ghost, he dreamed David fell down on him from the ceiling. The next morning, the app had captured this photo. 

"I don't know what to do. I'm at a loss here. I just don't know," he concluded. Neither do we, Adam. What we do know now is that ghosts without a doubt exist. 

So just FYI, in case you see the ghost of a boy with a dented head: You can ask him two questions, but if you try for a third, he might kill you. At least that's what a girl in a library told Ellis in a dream. And at this point, we're thinking it wasn't just a dream after all. 

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