Naked Woman Uses Spiked Weapon in Violent Fight on Venice Beach, Video Shows

The fight went down for over six minutes with no police presence.

(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu via Getty Images)

naked woman attacking random people in Venice Beach got into a violent altercation with another woman wielding a medieval weapon.

The incident happened on Monday, and footage showed the woman acting erratically on the boardwalk before another woman wearing a blank tank top and pants showed up with a spiked club and started swinging it. The naked woman danced around the other woman who continued swinging the club and tried to defend herself while also giving bystanders a show by walking like a runway model.

The spiked club ended up on the pavement, and the naked woman picked it up and swung it towards the other woman, who picked up what appeared to be a baton. The women then started swinging their weapons at each other before the naked one got a hold of the baton and continued trying to attack.

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 According to TMZ, witnesses stated the fight went on for about six minutes with no police presence in sight. It's unclear how the fight ended, but witnesses stated other bystanders were threatened throughout the whole ordeal.

The state of California has its fair share of naked people doing some wild things. Last November, a guest at Disneyland got naked on the popular ride It's A Small World. Footage from the incident showed the man walking through the ride that was stalled due to his crazy stunt forcing other park guests to watch him. 

At one point, the man began toying with the animatronics on the ride before the Anaheim Police Department apprehended and brought him into custody.

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