The Quebec Families Ministry is investigating a video posted on TikTok showing a baby vaping an e-cigarette.

CTV News obtained the video from the popular social media platform and uploaded an edited version where both the baby's and the caregiver’s faces have been blurred as they are both minors.

In the video, the baby is coughing before taking the vape and inhaling. The woman, next to the baby, can be heard laughing as she records the video.

The video’s description also specifies that the baby is 16 months old.

The Quebec Families Ministry confirmed that the incident occurred at a home daycare in Mirabel, Quebec, a town north of Montreal. Mirabel police are also investigating the incident.

The baby’s parents were not at the daycare at the time of filming and both were contacted following the video’s virality. At the time of writing, no charges have been brought forth.

In Quebec, vapes and cigarettes have the same restrictions and users of either are cautioned to smoke or vape far from the vicinity of children.