Creator of Viral 'Black Rolf' Meme Working on New Netflix Animated Series

From making 'Ed, Edd n Eddy'-inspired memes to working on a Netflix show, Elijah Rutland is making power moves.


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We always enjoy memes plastered all over our timelines, but seldom do we think about those who put in the effort to bring them to fruition. Take, for instance, the "Black Rolf" meme, an Ed, Edd n Eddy-inspired image that went viral late last year.

Here it is for those who need a refresher.

The potency of the meme is almost as impressive as the quickness it took to capture the exact frame from the episode.

These days, Elijah Rutland, the meme's originator, is seeing a different kind of success. ABC 27 has learned the Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University student has been selected as an animation intern for Warner Brothers Studios in California. Part of the internship will allow him the opportunity to work on Green Eggs & Ham, an upcoming series on Netflix based on the beloved Dr. Seuss children's book.

"I've been able to make a lot more connections and relationships and do a lot more because of FAMU and the network it has and the opportunities the school provides and all of the love and support I've gotten," Rutland said. He also encouraged aspiring content creators to "be confident and to apply, apply, and keep applying and don't count yourself out."

The FAMU junior took to Twitter to express his excitement for the opportunity. "First day as a Warner Bros. Animation Intern is complete. So thankful to be blessed with this opportunity," he said.

According to Deadline, Netflix has ordered 12 episodes for Green Eggs and Ham, which is produced by Ellen DeGeneres. The series, expected to premiere later this year, will feature Michael Douglas, Adam DeVine, Tracy Morgan, and narration from Keegan-Michael Key

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