More People Are Searching for “Donald Drumpf” Than Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

It's Trump's world now.

Donald Trump might have to reclaim the catchphrase "winning" from Charlie Sheen. The Republican just nabbed some high profile endorsements (if you’re into racism) and racked up quite a few caucus wins during Super Tuesday. Now, he can add another honor to the list of his many accomplishments—being searched more often than his rivals.

According to the New York Times, Trump is the most searched candidate in the U.S., beating out opponents Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Even worse, his previously unknown family name "Donald Drumpf" came out in second. Google Trends data measured over 24 hours found that for every 100 searches for Trump , 25.8 were for Drumpf, 20.8 for Cruz, and 18 for Rubio.

Trump should really send a fruit basket to John Oliver, who outed him for the major name change during an epic 22-minute rant. Oliver went in, likening the GOP frontrunner to a "back mole" which must not be ignored and called him out for refusing to denounce the KKK. "With an answer like that, you are either racist or you are pretending to be," he said.

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