Drunk Fools Get Locked Up With a Mannequin and a Remote-Control Car

Police discovered two men “hopelessly locked together” after one wild night.

Used mannequinin the flea market in Berlin, Germany.

Image via Getty/Sean Gallup

Used mannequinin the flea market in Berlin, Germany.

Have you ever gotten so wasted you woke up physically stuck to your drinking buddy, a mannequin, and a remote control car? When a lot of alcohol is involved, weird things can happen. In today's dose of weird news, this is the exact situation two men in Germany found themselves in after one can only assume was one crazy night.

Police discovered the duo “hopelessly locked together,” according to the Associated Press, with a large remote control car and a mannequin that was dressed as a knight. Naturally. The 58-year-old tenant and his 61-year-old guest were heard crying out in the apartment in Mainz, a city in western Germany. The men were discovered in their bizarre and unfortunate predicament early Saturday morning.

As for how the men ended up in this situation, that will, for the time being, be a mystery. They were far too intoxicated to explain to the cops how they got into this literal entanglement. Although the police freed the men, a police statement declared that “the whole thing would have remained a funny episode,” but alas, the tenant was “more than impolite.” He now faces a charge of insulting officers. Moral of the story: next time a cop frees you from a lock-in with a mannequin and a toy car, remember to thank them.

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