Tim Stark of 'Tiger King' Threatens Suicide Following Court Ruling

Famous for his appearance on the Netflix series 'Tiger King,' Tim Stark threatened suicide after a judge ruled that he could never own animals again.

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Tim Stark, owner of the Wildlife in Need in Charlestown, Indiana and one of the stars of the Netflix series Tiger King, threatened suicide after a judge banned him from ever owning animals again, TMZ reports

Stark appeared on Facebook Live Wednesday night with a syringe attached to his arm, which was allegedly filled with drugs for euthanasia. Police were informed of the video, and reached out to him the following day. Even though Stark is unharmed, authorities said they will continue to monitor his social media in the event that he hurts himself or someone else since he also threatened to shoot anyone who comes to his home. 

A judge in Indiana ruled Tuesday that Stark was permanently banned from acquiring, exhibiting and owning any exotic and native animals, according to the Courier-Journal. He was also ordered to return any money intended for his business that he pocketed for himself. A receiver will be appointed to deal with assets obtained through Wildlife in Need, and the Indianapolis Zoo will continue to care for the animals that were taken from his facility last September. 

Stark had his license with the U.S. Department of Agriculture revoked last year amid allegations of animal abuse and neglect in a lawsuit brought forth by the office of former Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill. Without it, he wouldn’t be allowed to display animals to the public. Stark’s license was permanently revoked after failing to file the paperwork within a 60-day window as he went through the appeals process. 

The suit also resulted in Stark receiving fines totaling $340,000, as well as an additional $40,000 stemming from an appeal he ended up losing.

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