Popeyes Employee in Texas Fired After Bringing Son to Help Make Chicken Sandwiches

"It looked like he was working hard," one bystander said of the incident, which was captured on video.

A Popeyes fast food chain restaurant is seen on a street of Washington D.C.

Image via Getty/ERIC BARADAT

A Popeyes fast food chain restaurant is seen on a street of Washington D.C.

Another day, another ridiculous story brought to you by the Popeyes chicken sandwich. 

According to The Root, an employee at the fast food chain located in Colony, Texas was fired after a video surfaced showing his son lending a helping hand to the overworked staff as they tried to meet the overwhelming demand for the chicken sandwich. The worker's child, who can be seen wearing a Popeyes apron, is believed to be about eight years old and no bigger than four feet tall. 

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Federal and state child labor laws dictate that it is illegal to have a minor working. The customer who captured the moment recalls the location being packed at the time, adding, "[He] was working with the flour that they…cook the chicken in. … It looked like he was working hard." 

Ever since the chicken sandwich returned in early November, the response has been intense, and occasionally unsanitary. But just one day into its return, a Maryland man was wanted for stabbing someone to death in a Popeyes parking lot after the victim allegedly cut in line in pursuit of the sandwich. 

Incidents caused as a result of the chicken sandwich have occurred across the country. A white woman was body slammed after she directed a racial epithet at the Tennessee location's employees. In Los Angeles, Popeyes employees got into a physical altercation after one of the workers allegedly got caught turning the chicken sandwich craze into a side hustle.

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