Five Burger King Employees Fired Over Pig Drawing on Cop's Order

The officer’s photo came with the critique that the “patties were burnt and the burger was of very poor quality.”

Burger King multinational fast food burger restaurant sign seen in Spain.
Image via Getty/Miguel Candela/SOPA Images
Burger King multinational fast food burger restaurant sign seen in Spain.

Burger King has fired the five employees at a New Mexico location who are believed to be responsible for drawing a cartoon pig on the wrapper of an officer’s order, Fox News reports.

Last week, Clovis police officer Timo Rosenthal shared his discovery on Facebook with the caption, "When you order food in uniform."

After his photo went viral, Rosenthal appeared on Fox & Friends Monday where he claims that he thought the cartoon pig was actually "kind of funny," but only grew bothered by the drawing when he saw the state of his burger from the fast food chain known for their flame-grilled patties. 

"I saw the pig and I was like 'Wow, this is kind of funny,'" Rosenthal said at the 55-second mark. "I have a good sense of humor. But once I opened up the burger and saw the burned patties and the poor quality of the burger, I knew it wasn't a joke and it was out of spite." 

Rosenthal claims that he only intended to share his findings with family and friends, and never expected that his post would be seen by so many people. The bad press, however, was enough to get a response out of Burger King.  

"What occurred is unacceptable and not in line with our brand values," a Burger King spokesperson said in a statement. "When made aware of the incident, the restaurant owner immediately reached out to the officer-involved to apologize and terminated the team members involved."

Burger King is also providing free meals to officers in uniform, and extending "a gesture of goodwill" by sending over a catered lunch to the Clovis Police Department. Despite BK's efforts, Rosenthal says he doesn't plan on going back to that location. 

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