Woman Threatens to Pee in Plane Aisle, Pulls Down Pants After Flight Attendant Denies Access to Bathroom

It was fight or flight for this passenger.

Las Vegas Review-journal / TNS

Flights sometimes bring out the worst in people, but rarely does that mean outrageously threatening to relieve themselves in front of other passengers.

In a video shared by TMZ on Wednesday, a woman on a Frontier Airlines flight departing Florida for Philadelphia claimed to a cabin attendant that she urgently had to use the restroom. When the attendant stopped her from going to the aircraft lavatory, she apologized to other passengers before pulling down her pants, exposing her nether regions and squatting in the aisle.

"I don't give a fuck! Fuck you! I gotta go pee!" the woman shouted to repulsed passengers.

The incident comes merely two months after a passenger on a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Barcelona allegedly had diarrhea on the aircraft, described as a "biohazard issue" by a pilot onboard.

But the pee tale isn't even the wildest plane incident to happen this week. Frontier Airlines might have a problem on its hands because, on Monday, a different woman traveling from Houston to Denver wailed and attempted to break free from in-flight attendants when she began acting unruly. Another woman from the flight unsuccessfully tried to ease the tension by explaining her perspective of what was taking place.

“This is actual evidence that there’s a real devil that wants to kill each and every one of y’all,” said the woman, who alleged that the other woman was possessed. “All hell is about to break loose, and y’all are getting evidence of it.” 

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