Video Shows Florida Man Crash Stolen Van and Jump Off Bridge Into River to Escape Police

A Florida man crashed a van he allegedly stole and then jumped off a bridge in an attempt to escape the cops pursuing him. He was eventually caught.

In a scene that could be straight out of an action movie, a Florida man crashed an allegedly stolen car as he was in hot pursuit with police, then jumped off the bridge he was on to try and evade authorities further, the Miami Herald reports.

The wild footage, which you can watch up top or below, shows 34-year-old Bryan Gray swerving out of control on the Edison Bridge on Bayshore Road after police began pursuing him after he was suspected of stealing the van he was driving.​​​​​​

Florida man high-dives off bridge to flee cops

— New York Post (@nypost) November 2, 2021

Then, once Gray realized the car he was operating could no longer drive, he ran towards the edge of the bridge, looked at the cops surrounding him, and jumped into the Caloosahatchee River in an attempt to escape. Unfortunately for him, life is not a movie, and authorities apprehended him by boat soon after his leap of faith.

The Lee County Sheriff’s department released a statement outlining the events as well.

“Gray got out of the van, jumped over the safety barrier, and dove into the Caloosahatchee River. A perimeter was established, and FMPD’s Marine Unit was deployed,” their Facebook statement read. “Gray was pulled from the water and detained by deputies before being transported to a local hospital to receive treatment.”

The statement continued, “While he may not have earned a gold medal for his high dive, Gray did find himself in hot water...”

Gray is now facing pending charges of grand theft auto and fleeing police. You can watch the entire pursuit and Grand Theft Auto-like leap up top.

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