U.S. Customs and Border Protection Seized $56K Worth of Bongs at Dulles Airport

U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized 4,000 bongs, worth roughly $56,000, that were headed to Los Angeles from Washington Dulles International Airport.

DC finds a lot of bongs in airport

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DC finds a lot of bongs in airport

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized some peculiar cargo a month ago, finding almost 4,000 bongs that had been flown into the Washington Dulles International Airport.

The drug paraphernalia was brought in from China and reached the states on Oct. 2. Despite marijuana being legal in several states, a release from CBP noted that “the glass bongs violated U.S. laws on the importation of drug paraphernalia.”

The bongs were intended to reach a final destination address in Los Angeles County, California. It was not revealed via DC Custom’s press release what person or business entity might have purchased the mass amount of bongs. 

However, drug paraphernalia and narcotics aren’t the only things the CBP tends to seize. Last week, the department stopped a couple in the airport and took $23,000 in currency from them. They said they were headed to Ghana but only reported having $10,500 on them. In the release from the situation, authorities said that they found the money hidden in a compartment of their luggage and only allowed the couple to leave with $641.

    “While inspecting the couple’s carry-on bag, officers discovered an envelope concealed behind the carry-on bag’s zippered liner,” the release said. “Officers verified the couple’s combined currency at $23,641. Officers seized the currency for violating U.S. currency reporting laws and then released the couple with $641 as humanitarian relief.”

    According to federal law, the CBP says all travelers must report if they are carrying more than $10,000 with them.

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