Logan Paul Attempts to Explain His Lack of Empathy

Paul posted a video showing the results of a brain scan he underwent.

Logan Paul at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards

Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur/FOX

Logan Paul at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards

If you were wondering why Logan Paul seems to lack empathy for others (or, more likely, even if you weren't) it turns out there actually might be a scientific explanation, at least according to a new video Paul posted on Sunday titled "i have holes in my brain..."

In the vlog, Paul takes a visit to a doctor and undergoes a brain scan, with that scan showing that an old head injury affected the spot on the brain that lets a person connect with others and experience empathy. As pointed out by The Daily Dot, that could allow his viewers, critics, or readers who clicked on this article by accident to decide whether his antics are the result of a brain issue or if this is simply an excuse.

Your call.

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The doctor who performed said scan, and who appears to be celebrity brain disorder specialist Dr. Daniel Amen (who's methods have been previously brought into question) asked Paul why he wanted the scan, to which the controversial YouTuber responded "I want to figure out why I'm so f*cked up." He went on to state that he's been an agitator throughout his life, and that he had a titanium plate inserted into his head after an injury in middle school. After the doctor pointed out a pair of black spaces that showed up in his scan, Paul joked about missing part of his brain.

"It's not missing. But it's hurt," the doctor said. "This is really important because right here...makes you human...you hurt it. Which means you're going to have trouble with focus, forethought, organization, planning, empathy, and learning from the mistakes you made." He also said it was something that needed fixing to live an optimal life. Anyway, even if you haven't been to med school, it seems natural to wonder if a boxing match could further exacerbate such an issue.

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