In an attempt to profit from settling their stupid beef, YouTube celebrities Logan Paul and KSI decided to go head-to-head in a pay-per-view boxing match. The event went down Saturday at England’s Manchester Arena, where the controversial vloggers endured six rounds to secure bragging rights; however, the much-anticipated fight didn’t end with a victory—it ended in a majority draw.

That’s right. According to the Independent, one of the judges scored the fight 58-57 to KSI. The two other judges scored it as 57-57, resulting in a tie. Very convenient.

“I guess we have to have a rematch,” KSI said following the bout.

“The rematch is going to be fucking crazy,” Logan replied.

The decision immediately raised eyebrows, as many suspected the match was rigged.

Saturday’s match was available to stream on YouTube for $10. Several outlets report more than 800,000 people purchased the pay-per-view pass, and about 15,000 others bought arena tickets. write Michael Benson reports Logan and KSI had previously signed a two-fight deal, with the rematch expected to go down in the United States. So these claims about “rigging” don’t seem too far-fetched.

You can check out highlights from the fight below.

The Paul family didn’t leave empty handed, though. Prior to the Logan vs. KSI fight, their brothers—Jake and Deji, respectively—also duked it out for several rounds before Deji threw in the towel.