California Couple Throws Weed-Themed Wedding

This California couple celebrated the state's recent legalization at their wedding.

This is a picture of a wedding.

Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

This is a picture of a wedding.

Cannabis has only been legalized for recreational use in California since January 1, but that hasn't stopped these newlyweds from splurging on their love for the plant.

Bride, Dani Green, and groom, Zac Walton, recited their vows not just in front of their 70 guests, but a giant batch of weed in Monterey.

No, seriously, it was a lot. Forbes reports the couple spent $8,000 on cannabis just for the single event. And yes, the couple shared their stash with guests. The weed budget accounted for a 200-square-foot outdoor dab bar stocked with 50 grams of hash, 20-square-foot vaping area, and edibles bar with six different kinds of treats.

This theme comes as no surprise to Green's friends and family. For the past decade, she has worked at Harborside, a medical dispensary located in Oakland and is even considered an expert in dabbing.

According to ABC 10, the cannabis wedding industry is a booming new business opportunity for states with full legalization.

Even the cannabis industry itself is booming, producing new jobs and tons of profits for business owners of all kinds. In January, the industry made $1.2 billion. Plus, legalization even helps reduce crime rates.

Meanwhile, Canada is still in the process of enacting national legalization.

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