Gunfire Erupts at Motorcycle Gathering in Iowa Leaving One Dead

A shooting at a motorcycle meet-up in Iowa ended in one death and seven other shooting injuries. Four others were also wounded while fleeing the scene.

motorcycles iowa

Image via Getty/ Larry W. Smith

motorcycles iowa

A meeting of motorcycle clubs ended in gunfire, which led to one death and several injuries.

The Huffington Postreports that around 100 people were gathered at the function inside a building in Waterloo, Iowa when “some kind of confrontation shortly after 3 a.m.,” police chief Joel Fitzgerald said during a press conference.

Cops were close by at a traffic stop when the shooting began, according to Capt. Joe Leibold with the Waterloo Police Department. They found people wounded when they arrived at the scene, with others escaping the area. “It was a pretty dynamic scene,” said Battalion Chief Ben Petersen with Waterloo Fire Rescue. “Coming into something like that, you are trying to size up the patients and triage the scene.”

Officers responded to the incident within seconds after hearing gunfire. Eight people suffered gunshot wounds, which one person succumbed to. Four others were injured by broken glass or other debris when running away from the scene.

The function hadn’t been approved and investigators have been trying to figure out who leased the building. Investigators are also still trying to establish how many shooters there were; No arrests have been made in connection to the incident.

Leibold also said they don’t think it was a random act and that the public shouldn’t be afraid.

Three people were later arrested when police were called in for disorderly conduct outside the emergency room at MercyOne Waterloo Medical Center. Some of the victims had been transported to the hospital.

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